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Give it a go and see what changes the world has to offer to you.Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights - Sexy Long Hairstyle with Bangs 2014. dark brown hair with caramel highlights and red lowlights.The lighter pieces of balayage are placed strategically, some start higher and closer.

The roots are done with a rich, dark brown that transitions to a soft, honey blonde.Blonde ombre can be mixed with brown hair colors, caramel highlights, different shades of blonde merging into each other.

Soft natural black hair with highlights, brown hair with caramel highlights is not the end, go on with bold colors like pink, blue and green and see what you will have.Ombre is a gradient of hair color that combines darker roots with lighter ends.Chestnut blonde hair color is typically a mix of darker hair with golden highlights, though it can be created on golden blonde hair by adding caramel highlights.This mahogany-toned brown hair gets a little boost from face-framing golden highlights that match the warm tones of the hair.

To add a twist to your brown and blonde makeover, you can go for highlights underneath.Go bold with your blonde highlights by treating your dark brunette roots to a champagne blonde ombre style.In order to dress up brown hair, the best thing to do is to get red highlights.

Blonde to black ombre highlights for natural curly hair The best thing with ombre highlights is that you can experiment forever.

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Not quite the same as ombre, this color melting technique adds blonde streaks at varied parts of the shaft and the result is random, artistic, and much more natural than a full head of hair highlights for brown hair.Ask your stylist to give you a perfectly styled cut like a medium-length wavy bob and simply employ light brown to brighten the overall look.

With ombre the lighter shade is denser and its concentrated mid-shaft to ends.

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Ombre highlights add depth and dimension to your hair without the maintenance of regular highlights.

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Blonde Highlights Short Hair with Mocha Brown and Caramel Often brown color is considered boring but on the contrary, it is one of the trendy colors.The colors are blended with the technique of highlights, which holds the same texture as ombre hair, but in smaller forms.Easiest DIY balayage (or ballyage) highlights technique ever with at-home hair colour -- foolproof, too.

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Ombre Hair If you want to animate your hair with gold and caramel.

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This color will grow out beautifully so you can ditch the maintenance.

Love your dark brown hair but want to add some shine and dimension to your locks.

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If a silverish gray and a dirty brown had a baby, her name would be ashy brown.There is a need of retouching after the shorter period of times as it is difficult to maintain the caramel highlights.