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If you are confused between Passport 9500ix vs Max 360, you have come to the right place.

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The 9500ix is an innovative design from Escort that combines GPS technology with a high performance radar detector to eliminate false alerts.

Features GPS technology and pre-loaded database of known red light and speed camera locations.

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This one has nearly eliminated all of that fuss, and she is much happier.

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Radar detectors have been around a long time, nearly 40 years, and for much of that time the best radar detector was considered to be one that was the most sensitive and alerted to police radar from the farthest distance.

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Radar detectors were specifically designed to help in detecting radars as well as lasers.The Escort PASSPORT provides cool tech and high performance at great value.

And the regular speed traps take in huge amounts of income as well.Radar detector reviews, tests, and guides of the latest traffic enforcement technology and what countermeasures are effective at mitigating them.

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Performance: This radar detector can pick up all radar signals—ka bands, K bands, and x bands, at all signal strengths—as well as vg-2 and lidar (laser gun) signals.

Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector Buy Now From Amazon This is the best selling unit because of its top featured specifications and its place in the market is still constant for a long time.Read about the Passport 9500ix which sounds a warning as you approach a known speed trap or camera site, featured in our November 2008 issue of Automobile Magazine.

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It then applies the info to detect false alarms rapidly, spot red light camera spots and remember speed trap zones.Aside from the fact that it is a large financial investment, you also have to choose one that is going to work accurately in order to avoid any speeding tickets.Many buyers prefer this over the other available options since it effectively detects almost all bands of radar used for speed enforcement purposes.False alerts are a thing of the past with the Escort Passport 9500IX radar detector.

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The learning ability of this radar detector is what makes it worth the money.

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Features. 360-Degree Radar Range And Laser Detection: The Passport 9500ix delivers extreme long-range warning on all radar bands including X, K, Superwide Ka, Ku and instant-on POP modes.

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Even if it is by accident or just trying to stay in the flow of the traffic, that is why know what the best rated radar detectors are.